To help you in your efforts to earn a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer badge, an MCSE practice test can be found online.  Being able to pass MCSE certification automatically expands your horizons as an IT professional, as this is universally recognized in the marketplace as a desirable point in a jobseeker’s resume.

The fact is that many such practice tests can be found online, but the better quality ones offer a more complete experience.  What does this mean?  The real set offered by Microsoft includes the basic activities as well as MCSE Certification Elective exams, and a good online practice test that suits your chosen specialization, if any, is a must.

Maybe you are asking: do you really need to take an MCSE practice test?  Why not just save your energy for the real thing?  This argument would be akin to the situation that, as an IT professional, you really don’t need an MCSE certification to practice your craft.  You may still get jobs without it, but it does make you more desirable to future employer if you display that badge on your documents.  In short, it improves your chances at getting employment and at a better level.  An MSCE practice test, by the same token, is not absolutely necessary, but it improves your chances at passing the real thing.  In short, it will help you in your preparation for the Microsoft certification exams by putting your skills and knowledge to the test, and showing you which areas you may need to study more.

What else do you need to know in selecting your practice test?  Check for the following:

- The questions included in the test should be based on the real Microsoft questions so that you will know what to expect.  Understand that we are not talking of a cheat sheet here, you will not get the actual certification questions, but they should be similar.

- The questionnaire should include exhibits, like the real thing.

- There should be explanations or commentary regarding the questions in the exam, so that you gain a deeper understanding of the concepts involved.  Thing of it as another extension of your MCSE training.

- It should simulate the actual Microsoft test environment.

To know if you truly get the concepts you need, an MCSE practice test is the best thing you can take, and it will only give you better assurance that you will pass the real one with flying colors.