Once you’ve decided on pursuing certification, proper MCSE training is the very next thing you should look for.  There are several modes available, depending on your desired pacing, on the involvement you are willing to put in, and on the specializations you need.

You may want to opt for an MCSE self-directed study, done at your own pace and whenever you have the time, wherein you will be holding all your materials in a paced training kit; say, in DVD and printed manual form, or via online access 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  Be aware though that this will most likely be the longest and slowest road to MCSE certification, and you may possibly miss some important updates in the rapidly-changing IT world.

On the opposite end, MCSE training seminars are intense series of sessions taken over a relatively short period of time, face to face with the instructor and other students or online in a virtual setting.  Webinars and teleseminars are some of the catch phrases that describe this mode.  This added face time with an instructor, ready to answer your questions or clarify concepts, is arguably the best way to make sure that your grasp of the subject matter is complete.

Some companies which offer these MCSE training seminars are in fact so confident of their projected results that they offer a guarantee that you will pass with an A+ grade on the actual Microsoft certification test or they will either refund your money or pay for a retake.

There is also the option of free MCSE training online.  The World Wide Web is actually rich in free MCSE resources should one wish to do the required searching.  The main difference would be that a little more effort, or possibly a lot more, will be needed to reach the same level of knowledge and practice as is virtually spoon-fed to you when you take a quality paid training course.  Aside from this, there are no guarantees of course that you will pass your certification even if you do your best.  Some information may simply be lacking, and there may be a lack of self-check systems in place to test your knowledge.  In short, while it is of course possible to gain the same level of training for free as one would have in a paid course, it does require more effort, more searching, and one must accept the lack of guarantees.

No matter what sort of MCSE training you opt for, it should be with the primary goal of not only gaining your certification, but of improving your knowledge and skills and becoming the best IT pro you can be.