Even before enrolling in an MCSE bootcamp program from any of various providers and trainers available, the best place to start your education is with the basics.  You will probably already know that the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) credential is the number one document you need to attain if your career requirement involves the analysis, design, and implementation of the infrastructure needed for business solutions based on some popular Microsoft Windows platforms and server software.

This is one of the most widely known Microsoft Certification programs and is available for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003.  Each of these programs have a different set of qualifying exams.

Once you have pinpointed the program you need, whichever MCSE training camp you end up choosing should prepare you to pass a selection of core and elective exams.  The exam topics you will likely come across include network security, computer networking infrastructure, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and general networking subjects.

You may also come across more specialized exams depending on the specializations available within Microsoft MCSE training.  This is where the elective exams come in, as an individual wanting an additional denotation such as MCSE Security or MCSE Messaging for his or her resume will have to do the associated elective and an extra core exam.

As the cost of exams can get pretty substantial (around $125), it will be ideal if you have been trained sufficiently to pass on the first try, although some Microsoft certification exams carry an offer of a free retake.  After getting your MCSE Certificate, recertification is theoretically not required, but as exams are redesigned or updated, you will have to take and pass those updates.

Why should you become a Microsoft MCSE?  The certification program is very useful if you plan to work in the area of technical support as a Systems Engineer, a Technical Consultant, a Network or Systems Analyst or as a Software Engineer.  Being certified, you get the benefits of industry recognition, access to support provided by Microsoft, discounts on their products and services, and of course, a great boost to your market value and better professional opportunities.

MCSE Bootcamp is your gateway to getting proper certification, and brightening your professional horizons!

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