Mcse: Equipping You to Meet Latest Challenges

Mcse: Equipping You to Meet Latest Challenges

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Home Page > Education > Mcse: Equipping You to Meet Latest Challenges

Mcse: Equipping You to Meet Latest Challenges

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Posted: May 02, 2008 |Comments: 1
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‘Microsoft Certified System Engineer’ that’s what you would proudly call yourself after attaining this highly acclaimed certification module on offer from Microsoft.

MCSE is one of the most popular and premiere Microsoft certification standard, after securing which an individual is recognized to be able to analyse the business requirements for information system solutions, as well as design and implement the necessary infrastructure as required.

According to the latest reports, the MCSE program is available for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 product lines. Each requiring different set exams to be cleared to secure a certificate in the same.

For MCSE 2000, a candidate needs to pass five core papers, constituted by four papers operating system and one on design, and two elective papers. In attaining an MCSE 2003 certificate, a candidate must pass six core design exams (or papers), including four networking exams, one client operating system and one design exam, as well as one elective.

Although not offered now, MCSE NT 4.0 is still considered a valid certification. To secure this certification a candidate needs to pass four core exams including network security, computer networking infrastructure, active directory, Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Exchange server, and other topics on both general networking interests as well as some specific Microsoft products.

With the long established dominance of Microsoft and its range of products, there lies little to think about the utility of a MCSE certified professional in a corporate architecture where right networking and information flow architecture plays significant role in business propagation.

Proud MCSE professionals make their destiny as well as of the business process they are involved with.

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Smita Mathur -
About the Author:

Smita, is the author of MCSE.She was inducted into the MCSE profession just two years back.


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Mcse: Equipping You to Meet Latest Challenges

MCSE or Microsoft Certified System Engineer is a widely acclaimed certification program being offered by Microsoft. There are several variants of this certification program where each equips a professional to effectively analyse, design, implement and troubleshoot right information system solution in an organization. With dominance of Microsoft products, an MCSE certified expert is the need of the hour.

Smita Mathurl
May 02, 2008
lViews: 143
lComments: 1

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1. MCSE Course 06/05/2008

We extend our gratitude to mcse course certification for assisting us in analyzing our basic business requirements and design and implementing the infrastructure for business solutions based on the Microsoft Windows® operating system and Microsoft Servers software.


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Smita, is the author of MCSE.She was inducted into the MCSE profession just two years back.

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