The MCSE online exam, as issued by any of a number of websites set up for the purpose, offer a very valuable aid to the success of your pursuit of MCSE certification.  As the term suggests, these exams are designed to be taken at certain waypoints within, and after your training both to introduce you to the feel of taking the real MCSE course exam and as a gauge to your actual knowledge of the subjects included in your training.

This is a perfect partner to your online study.  Just like the real thing, taking this test will bring you face to face with timed sections, multiple choice questions, true or false type questions, drag-and-drop, and fill in the blank among others, but possibly with the added benefit of showing explanations for each correct or wrong answer and the ability to discuss results with an instructor.  This gives you a mode which very closely resembles the real MCSE exam.  In this way it is quite an effective way to ensure success.

There is a wide choice of MCSE tutorials available, including online tutorials, combinations of DVD videos and printed books, visual demonstrations, course books, and many others.  The choice boils down to the individual’s aptitude and how he or she learns best, whether by seeing and hearing a video demonstration by the instructor or expert, or by reading and absorbing text and graphics in the printed page.  All of these modes stand to benefit from the addition of practice tests.

Microsoft itself offers instruction by way of some free tutorials that the company will provide when you register for an MCSE exam.  Other materials are available for sale from online booksellers, retail stores, or direct from the company.  It is therefore easy to see how an MCSE online exam offered by a non-Microsoft company will still largely be based on the correct Microsoft curriculum.

Even a quick search on the Internet will yield many of the tests and tutorials available.  These sites often include quick start guides, course books and software.  There are kits from the Microsoft Press, one for each course offered, which altogether make up the MCSE online exam.  Each online study kit includes a self-paced study guide, complete with many exam tips.  The Readiness Review Suite is a large set of questions.  Practical exercises and design tests are also in the kit, as well as a number of eBooks on related subjects.

With all the available training kits online, and backed by a good MCSE online exam, your certification can only be an assured success.

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